Our history

How did the S14 come about and who are we? There is so much to tell! If you want to get to know us, read on.

Riedz Apartments

The beginning

Everything started with the Riedz Apartments. In summer 2013, we (Sabine, Julia, Martin Senior & Junior) sat around our garden table and spoke about what was important to us on our previous trips. Where did we like to stay, and why? The two cats purred contentedly at our feet. Where to begin? One step at a time.

The house had experienced a lot with us since we moved there in the 90s. Schoolbags, children’s birthdays, graduation parties, 40th birthdays…. 50th birthdays! Old trees, whose losses were mourned and later replanted. Also dust and sweat and a lot of work. The children have long since left the nest, and the students have gone their own ways. A new adventure is calling! A new purpose.

We have lived in Innsbruck for a long time, and we feel at home in this house, in idiosyncratic Hötting. One is not only close to the city centre, but also nature. It is a different Innsbruck, one that a traveller wouldn’t necessarily be able to discover on their own. To experience our perspective, our life, our style of living. And now your accommodation! And then the S14 sprouted.


Urban living at Schöpfstraße

Almost all of us (except Mama Sabine) have lived in S14. As roommates in a shared flat, like so many people in Wilten, although all of us at different times. Papa Martin in the attic, in the last room in the back on the left (Room 43, Seidenweg), where the floorboards creak so nicely. Julia on the third floor, in the first room on the right, because the light was perfect for her painting (Apartment 30, Fürstenweg). Martin Junior was the last to move in, to the first floor where he could observe the peaks of the Nordkette through his window. No matter which floor and which year, the kitchen and balcony were everyone’s favourite meeting point, and that’s the way it should stay.

The first guests from England arrived at the end of June 2014, and, except for a fresh coat of paint and new furniture, everything was unchanged.

The inhabitants of this house still climb the old stone steps with their shopping from the Billa around the corner. They cook pasta together in the kitchen, or put their feet up on the balcony and drink a glass of wine as dusk settles in. This is still true today! The only difference is that they come from all over the world and only stay for the duration of their holiday.

The Absteige

More than absteigen

The Absteige, our last house, is a bit out of the ordinary. We have never lived in it, although we would love to. At the moment, this isn’t an option because its long-time residents find the idea of a toilet in the living room, or living in the attic, to be hair-raising. Who would do something like that? These are storage places, and you can never have enough of them. Where else would you put the many things that you don’t need?

We of course have a lot of ideas for things that people don’t need anymore! We could furnish entire apartments (like we did in the S14 attic)!

But that’s not how we want to be. Toilets in the entryway have their own charm, like a journey back to the past. The Absteige itself is a bit long in the tooth, in fact (born in 1895!). However, you don’t notice this once you’re inside. A small room and a small apartment have been resisting since 2014. Resisting time’s decay! They have set themselves the goal of being beautiful on the inside. Inner beauty is the most beautiful of all, and with luck it will manifest itself on the outside.

A little bit of beauty has already started blossoming on the outside. You will find a small garden has been added to the back of the house. Today’s guests can also park next to the house! We’re looking forward to what the next years will bring. We believe that the Absteige has many great things in store!